About Jewel Financial

Our aim is simple: we want to match you with the most suitable Invoice Finance lender. 

As a business-owner, you know what you want in an Invoice Finance lender.

It may be that customer service is vital to you. Or simply the cheapest facility out there factors high on your list of priorities. Perhaps you want an Invoice Finance lender who specialises in funding invoices for one specific customer? Or a problematic customer? Maybe you'll be happiest with the lender who will offer you the most money!

Either way, you shouldn't spend your time make multiple enquiries to Invoice Finance lenders. You just need to make one single enquiry with Jewel Financial using our unique Invoice Finance Finder Tool.

Jewel Financial can assist you

So whether it's Invoice Factoring or Invoice Discounting, the lender that offers you the most, or the best, or the most flexible, or the highest level in customer service, we will ensure that you are put in contact with the best-suited Invoice Finance lender. 

Jewel Financial will go out to market and find you the best three Invoice Finance lenders - then it's up to you to decide which one to choose. 

It's a big responsibility

We never take for granted the responsibility you give us when you make an enquiry with Jewel Financial. 

Rest assured that, although we have long-standing relationships with a host of Invoice Finance lenders, our focus is you.

We will ensure your business requirements fit with the best Invoice Finance lender - and that is based on a number of factors that we also consider carefully such as credit policy, location, the sector you operate in and much more. 

What about other Invoice Finance Brokers? 

OK let's get the biggest taboo out of the way:

Invoice Finance brokers, like ourselves, will take a commission from the Invoice Finance lender when you become a client of theirs. This is called "Introducer Commission". This is how our business makes income.

A lot of Invoice Finance brokers will introduce a multitude of lenders to businesses like yours. It's annoying when you get five, six or seven lenders all contacting you. The reason most brokers do this is to increase 

Also, we have seen Invoice Finance brokers who will introduce your business to an Invoice Finance lender simply because they offer the broker the most commission! 

This means businesses like yours are consistently matched with wrong lenders simply because the broker will earn a bigger payday. This is unacceptable to us. 

At Jewel Financial we promise:

  • We will only put you in touch with THREE Invoice Finance lenders - all based on the specific requirements entered into our unique Invoice Finance Finder Tool
  • We do not have different commission structures with different Invoice Finance lenders - we take a same commission from the Invoice Finance lender regardless of who it is. Our commission structure is flat across all lenders.

Trusting us with your enquiry is something we will never take for granted and we promise to ensure that your business is at the heart of our ethos and how we operate as a business.