Invoice Discounting - Invoice Finance at its best

Invoice Discounting is one of the most successful, flexible and easy-to-use forms of invoice finance used by mirco businesses, SMEs and large corporations in the UK.

Invoice Discounting is a premier-form of Invoice Finance that allows a company access to working capital and is usually available for businesses that turnover more than £250,000. 

Well-established businesses use an Invoice Discounting facility to allow them access to instant working capital which is advanced against possibly their most important asset – their sales ledger. 

The process for an Invoice Discounting facility is really simple. 

When you invoice your customers, you get access of up to 90% against those invoices whilst having the peace of mind that you completely manager your own credit control (unlike Invoice Factoring). This is the crucial factor that means many more established business prefer Invoice Discounting. 

The Invoice Finance lender will then give you the remainder of the value of the invoice when the customer pays, less fees which can be a lot cheaper than you think. 

Invoice Discounting - finding the right lender

There are Invoice Discounting lenders all over the UK and range from specialised independents to large corporate banks that you'll find on the High Street. 

Each lender will have their own credit policy and strengths in different areas so why waste your time in submitting enquiries with each and every one when Jewel Financial can simply match your requirements with the ideal one - and at no cost to you!

Simply fill out our unique Invoice Finance Finder Tool and Jewel Finance can search the market for you and find the best Invoice Discounting lender based on your company’s individual needs.

Is having an Invoice Discounting lender that is large enough to offer you a bigger facility important to you? Perhaps customer service ranks top of your list of priorities when looking for an Invoice Discounting lender? 

Whatever your requirements, Jewel Financial can match you with the most suitable lender for you. 

Invoice Discounting is perfect for...

Haulage - if you're a fledgling business with a growing fleet or have an established business with 50 wagons, Invoice Discounting is ideal for your business.

Recruitment - Agencies that specialise in time-sheet driven, temporary placements are perfect for Invoice Discounting. 

Printing - Invoice Discounting is the cashflow solution of choice for printers in the UK. 

Couriers - If your turnover is exceeding £250,000 then Invoice Discounting is ideal for you. 

Manufacturing - Manufacturer machinery for the NHS? Locks for office furniture? Whatever you may manufacture, Invoice Discountingis perfect for you. 

Wholesalers - Supplying goods first and getting paid last is a recipe for cashflow disaster. Invoice Discounting is the best solution.

Engineers - If you're offering leading edge engineering design and consultancy services in a specific field, getting payment fast can be problematic. Invoice Discounting is ideal for you. 

Construction - There are Invoice Discounting lenders who specialise in supplying working capital to the construction industry. 

Other B2B Organisations - if you provide goods or services to other UK businesses, then Invoice Discounting can be a perfect solution for your business. 

Benefits include:

  • Faster access to working capital - Get up to 90% of the value of your invoice straight away
  • Improves cashflow - By having a consistent cashflow cycle in your business model, working capital need not be locked in unpaid invoices
  • No assets as collateral - Working capital can be obtained without using your company assets other than your invoices
  • Can grow as your business grows - Invoice Discounting is regards as one of the most flexible financial solutions on the market, with the facility growing as your business grows
  • Your customers need not know - Invoice Discounting can be confidential, meaning your customers will not be made aware of an Invoice Finance lenders involvement
  • Can be cheaper than an overdraft - Comparatively, Invoice Discounting can be a much more cost-effective solution than a regular bank overdraft (or even a commercial bank loan)
  • Jewel Financial will search the market for the best Invoice Discounting lender based your company's specific requirements